We build for this generation and the next

Whether we’re building high-end residential properties, office blocks, business parks, storage facilities or logistics centres, we want to make sure that our work lives up to high expectations for generations to come.

With our roots in northern Germany, we’re so passionate about our local area that we only develop residential and commercial properties right here. Although we’re happy to acquire properties at any stage of the development process, we really love adding value and starting from scratch.

We’re prepared to give it our all, put in the hard work and wait for a long, long while to see the results. And that’s because we’re committed to creating architecture. Architecture that fits in perfectly with its surroundings and contributes something of value to the local area.

And has a new sense of purpose based on the specific location and demand there. We leave no stone unturned, taking care of everything from the acquisition, financing and designs to the planning permission, construction work and marketing.

Our straightforward approach and long-term mindset are at the heart of our business and they have been for over 40 years. We can say the same for our belief that it’s more effective to have a few determined decision-makers around the table than relying on multiple committees.

All of our values come together to allow us to make professional decisions with impressive speed and stay one step ahead of the market – even though it’s moving at such a fast pace these days. We’re the ones driving our business forward, without relying on external investors.

Our set-up gives us the freedom we need to work on development projects that match our own expectations for quality and profitability. Expectations we share with our ambitious architects, partners and tradespeople. Expectations we reassess for every single project and never take for granted.

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Scope of services

  • Demolition and new builds

  • Renovation

  • Restoration

  • Planning permission applications

Each project starts
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