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Families stick together and provide a safe space. Where the past and future are inextricably intertwined. Where old ways and new approaches are balanced to perfection. Because every member of the family can learn from all the different perspectives the others bring to the table.

We cannot express how grateful we are for our family. For the fixed, fast decision-making processes, the professional image built over decades, the unwavering enthusiasm for architecture and the guiding principle of planning every property as if we’re going to move in ourselves one day.

We’re able to do what we do best because we’re not some faceless corporation. We’re an ambitious family company and we are proud of it. Proud to be people who prioritise sustainable success over quick wins. Who think carefully before using resources and are guided by a special set of architectural values.

Now that our business is in its second generation, we’re lucky enough to have over 200 successful projects behind us. Premium residential properties in prime locations, functional commercial spaces created to bespoke briefs and carefully optimised properties to add to our own portfolio.

Buildings that bring something special to their neighbourhoods and reflect our passion for northern Germany. Just like the precious listed buildings we’ve had the honour of restoring everywhere from Lüneburg and Hamburg to Sylt.

We even have our own woodworking workshop. Because we’d rather create something from scratch that meets our high standards than buy something average off the shelf. From elaborate doors inspired by tradition to stunning bespoke kitchens and stylish windows. In oak every time because nothing lasts longer.

Just know you can depend on us.

Hans-Jörg Graubner, Georg-Hinrich Graubner and Robert Graubner

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