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Is there anything more rewarding than taking something good and making it even better? That’s our mission. Especially when it comes to properties with potential. Long-forgotten buildings in need of some love and attention. Perhaps with a long list of repair and renovation work. And land just waiting to be developed.

Dilapidated houses, abandoned office blocks, redevelopment sites and all kinds of other properties and plots crying out for a team of professionals with big imaginations. At the end of the day, we love breathing new life into buildings and giving them a new sense of purpose.

Our passion shines through in all that we do. Whether we’re working on historical barracks or listed office buildings, nothing gives us more pleasure than polishing up treasure from the past so it can shine bright again. No matter how much hard work and effort it takes.

These properties are then added to our portfolio for the long term. Once we’ve upgraded them perfectly in line with their surroundings and the local demand. In close consultation with everyone involved. Especially the tenants, who know they can contact us directly whenever they need us.

You see, our short chains of command allow us to respond swiftly, get started on building work without delay and even quickly make promises we will confidently keep. After all, we’re all decision-makers in our own right.

That means we can develop and manage our portfolio properties in our own way. With clarity, commitment and respect. True to our personalities as businesspeople from northern Germany and our goal of building something that everyone can be proud of – the owners, the tenants and everyone in between.

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