How to turn one villa into 58 apartments. Not far from the Alsterlauf.


Alsterdorfer Damm 22+24,Maienweg 2a+b,Alsterkrugchaussee 286, Hamburg - Fuhlsbüttel


ca. 7.600 m²

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Alsterdorf is a popular residential area. That might have something to do with the excellent transport links and the nearby Alsterlauf. A paradise for anyone who yearns for the juxtaposition of being surrounded by nature in an urban setting. Hiking and canoeing guaranteed! And more residents have been able to enjoy this paradise in style since 2016. A new apartment complex with 58 apartments spread across five buildings, underground parking and a huge garden space was built on a plot that used to be home to one villa. The fronts of the buildings are a sight to behold. Beautiful Danish bricks and solid wooden window frames made from oak.

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